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Monash Student Council (MSC) is formed through annual election. MSC consists of 3 main parts, which are Monash University Student Association (MUSA), Monash University International Student Services (MUISS) and Monash University Postgraduates Association (MUPA). As the name suggested, MUISS is only opened for international students and MUPA is for postgraduates students.

Annual Election for each association is as below:

MUSA – September / October

MUISS – April / May

MUPA – September / October

The Election Regulations is as shown:
Election Regulations


The Election Guide is as shown:
Election Guide

Election Guide for School Representative


Statement from Removed Musa Editors Term 2014

Editors Statement Letter


For further information, please contact the General Secretary:
MUSA Office 6106
603 5514 6000 Ext: 61787
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