Fascilities in Monash Malaysia

Facilities in Monash Malaysia

What can I do while I’m studying in Monash Malaysia? Since none of us are robots made of metal and programmed by scientists (at least we hope), there is no way that we can function

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What to eat near Monash Malaysia

Food Options Near Monash

Why there is No Food??? Bored of the food in Monash? Looking for new places to have good food? Look no further! Here are some of the popular places Monashians go to fill their stomachs!

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Welcome to Monash Malaysia!

Come One, Come All Here at Monash we welcome everyone no matter the gender, age, race, religion or sexuality. We want to ensure that all students feel safe when they step into our grounds. We

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Monash Futsal World Cup

The Futsal tournament is an event held in our very own campus whereby the students are given an opportunity to show off their footballing talents as well as to display the skills showcased by their

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POOL Tournament

The Pool tournament is an event that is held in the MUSA Lounge. Monash students will be given the opportunity to take a break from their busy academic schedule to partake in the calm and

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Monash Cultural Carnival

The Cultural Carnival is an event worth experiencing whereby there will be a myriad of cultural performances, food and a fashion show showcasing the various ethnic costumes worn by our very own Monashians.

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The Sunway-Kuala Lumpur Tour is an event organized by MUISS whereby the international students are given an opportunity to explore the exciting hotspots for eating and shopping within Malaysia. Please feel free to register for

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Cultural Adaptation Workshop

MUISS organizes the Cultural Adaptation Workshop (CAW) for the new incoming international students. The workshop focuses on fostering the bond between the international students by allowing them to engage in games and activities. The students

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