An Overview

Students candidates will be contesting in the election either independently or under a 'ticket' (forming student party) over 3 week period. Candidates will be proposing manifesto and building policies throughout the election process. Voting session will be held on the final week.

Why MUSA Election?

The Students’ Association (SA) is your undergraduate student government. The purpose of the SA is to provide a support system for student activities; provide social activities to enhance and enrich student life; to promote the cultural, social, and physical well-being of students; to protect the academic and non-academic rights of the students; and to provide a forum for freedom expression of student views and interests. The most important is to MAKE A CHANGE!

Why Student Voters Matter?

Contribute your vote, exercise your right! Stand for what you believe in. and what comes after the election, by electing the best candidate in mind!​

General Information

Official Documents

Check out the official documents below before proceeding for ticket application and nomination.

  • MUSA President

  • MUSA Vice Presidents x2

  • MUSA General Secretary

  • MUSA Treasurers x2

  • Activities Chairpersons x2

  • Publicity Officer x2

  • Wom*ns Officers x2

  • Welfare Officers x2

  • Editors x4

  • School of Arts and Social Sciences Representatives(Male+Female)

  • School of Business Representatives (Male+Female)

  • School of Engineering Representative (Male+Female)

  • School Of Information Technology Representatives (Male+Female)

  • School Of Pharmacy Representatives (Male+Female)

  • School Of Science Representatives (Male +Female)

  • School Of Medicine and Health Sciences Representatives (Male +Female)

  • Head of Clubs and Societies x2

  • Head of Monash University International Student Services (MUISS) x2

  • MUISS Secretary

  • MUISS Treasurer

  • Country Representative Officer x2

  • International Student Officer (Engagement)

  • International Student Officer (Media) x2

  • 19/8, Friday – Open Talk Session 1
  • 22/8, Monday – Open Talk Session 2
  • 29/8, Monday – Ticket/Party Registration Begins
  • 4/9, Sunday – Ticket/Party Registration Ends
  • 5/9, Monday – Ticket Holder Briefing Session
  • 9/9, Friday – Nomination Period Begins
  • 14/9, Wednesday – Nomination Period Ends
  • 17/9, Saturday – MUSA Training
  • 26/9, Monday – Debates start
  • 30/9, Friday – Debates end
  • 4/10, Tuesday – Voting Period Begins
  • 10/10, Monday – Voting Period Ends
  • 12/10, Wednesday – Declaration of Results

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