How to reactiave a club

1. Submit a proposal to the Heads of C&S at

You will need to prepare a response to the following questions:

  1. The proposed name for your club/society (it must start with Monash).
  2. The aims and scope of club activities, as well as standard activities proposed to be organised by your club/society.
  3. How you think that your club/society will benefit Monash and the current and/or future student community.
  4. The ability of your organisation to be self-sustainable.
  5. Potential ideas (if any) of any major or minor events and activities that you will want to organise, recurring and non-recurring.
  6. Applicant details
For more information regarding the reactivation of a Club refer to section 15 of the Revised C&S Handbook

2. Submit the necessary documents to the specified emails
by the allocated deadline set by the Heads of C&S