EMS and SARAH guide

1. Basic guidelines 

The following club matters require a representative from a club (with EMS access) to submit an EMS request regarding the matter,

  • Weekly trainings;
  • Weekly meetings;
  • Events which involve the members of the club (such as welcoming nights, parties, etc.).
  • Events which involve the participation of students (such as bazaars, blood drives, etc.).
  • Competitions / Tournaments organized on campus.
  • External competitions / tournaments / trips participated by the members of the club.
  • Online meetings and events.**
    • ie. Promotional events via Instagram such as giveaways
    • When requesting PO to repost club posters, please submit with EMS reference

2. EMS and Event/Budget Proposal

Link to: EMS

Link to: Event/Budget Proposal

Link to: Guest Speaker Profile

  1. If using as an Event Proposal, please fill in all sections of this document.
  2. If not applying for funding, leave Section (5) blank, but put “RM0” in Sections (6) & (7).
  3. If using as a Budget Proposal, please ignore Sections (3) & (4).
  4. Please fill in Section (9) if applying for funds.

Documents to be submitted after every event, excluding weekly meetings:

Within 3-5 days post-event.



Link to: SARAH

SARAH guide (Risk assessment system)

  • Due to new Monash policies, a SARAH Form is required to be submitted for on-campus activity. 
  • The process:
    • Submit SARAH→ Submit EMS 
  • Please don’t forget to make space for bookings as well, for the venues you are using for your respective events.

3. Summary of EMS Process