How to create a club

1. How do I create a club?

Please contact the Heads of the Clubs and Societies Division under MUSA. You can reach us at

2. What is the application process for the recognition of a club?

Here’s a chart detailing the process of approval for the formation of any club/society under the C&S Division.

3. What do I need to prepare for the brief proposal?


You will need to prepare a response to the following questions:

  1. The proposed name for your club/society (it must start with Monash).
  2. The aims and scope of club activities, as well as standard activities proposed to be organised by your club/society.
  3. How you think that your club/society will benefit Monash and the current and/or future student community.
  4. The ability of your organisation to be self-sustainable.
  5. Potential ideas (if any) of any major or minor events and activities that you will want to organise, recurring and non-recurring.

4. What do I need to prepare for the official proposal after the follow-up meeting? 

You will be required to prepare a formal proposal and amend any issues pointed out during the follow-up meeting with the Heads of C&S, including questions 1-5 above. 

In addition, you will need to show proof that you have enough public support from the Monash student body for the formation of your club. Further instructions will be given to you once your proposal meets the standards set by the C&S Heads.

5. What are the requirements for my club to be recognised  under C&S?

Please refer to Part V of the C&S 101 Handbook, which details the criteria for the recognition of a club/society under the C&S Division, and by default, MUSA. Part V of the C&S 101 Handbook also makes references to the C&S Constitution (refer to Clause 77 of the MUSA Constitution.

6. Can I revive a club that was deregistered?

You can, refer to the club reactivation tab on the general information tab for more details.