Admin Documents

Certificates Application


Q: What administrative documents am I required to submit for the whole year as a club?

A: You will need to submit the documents listed below twice a year (once per semester)

– EMS/Email access form

– committee membership form

– club membership form


Q: When should I submit the event reports?

A: You should submit event reports 3-5 days post-event, however if it’s a recurring event (e.g. weekly meeting/weekly training) submit the event report after week 12.


Q: When can I apply for the club committee certificates (C&S issued certificates)?

A: Requests for C&S issued certificates and club-issued committee certificates will be open for submission in Week 10 to Week 12 of Semester 1 and Semester 2. 


Q: What is the difference between club-issued certificates and C&S issued certificates?

A: Club-issued certificates are designed and produced by clubs, the finished certificates design will be submitted via the designated Google Form along with the application form, president of the club will be responsible for signing the club-issued certificates.


However, C&S issued certificates are for club committees of which the committee positions are listed in the club’s constitution. Those committees as aforementioned, who served the same position in the same club for 2 consecutive semesters, will be eligible to apply for C&S issued certs. C&S will design the C&S issued certificates and distribute accordingly.


Q: What should I do if the certificates are wrong (e.g. name/position/serving term)?

A: You should contact one of the C&S Secretaries and we will assist you accordingly.


Q: Which members should we add in the committee membership form?

A: A club’s committee membership form must contain a minimum requirement of the following positions:

– President

– Vice-President

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– Publicity Officer

Kindly ensure that you do not alter the names or title of the positions stated above. The form may include additional committee positions. For more information, kindly refer to section 16 of the C&S 101 Handbook.


Q: What is the serving term listed in the committee membership list and certificate application form?

A: A serving term is the period of time which the committee members serve in the club. The serving term should be written in the format MM/YYYY. Clubs may only provide a serving term that is listed below:

– January to December of the same year. OR,

– July of the current year to June of the next year.


Q: What is the list of club members for?

A: Clubs should document all existing club members in the list of club members. As mentioned above, a template has been provided by C&S, and clubs will only be required to document details of members according to instructions given in the template.


Q: How many committee members can a club have?

A: A club can have a maximum of 15 committee members, we recommend clubs to recruit more subcommittees instead of executive committee members.


Q: What is a Warning Letter from C&S?

A: Some offences and misconducts that can warrant the issuance of warning letters

– Failure to fulfill, or engage in activities beyond the scope of, the aims and objectives of the club stated in its Club Constitution;

– Failure to submit a financial report in the prescribed template within the Treasurers’ stipulated time period at their request;

– Failure of a club committee member to attend any C&S Division Annual General Meetings without a formal apology letter containing a valid reason for absence submitted seven days before the AGM;

– Failure to adhere all deadlines set by the Division;

– Distribution of certificates without the approval of the Division Secretary or Heads;

– Any other misconduct the Division deems necessary of a warning letter;


Q: What can I do if my club received a Warning Letter from C&S?

A: Please check through the delegated email and it will specify which department of the C&S Division has issued the Warning Letter. You may appeal for the warning letter within 14 days from the date of which the warning letter was issued (if it’s an appealable warning letter). To appeal the warning letter, you should send an email with the subject line: Warning Letter Appeal and mention the offence committed and the reason or justification in the email, kindly click “reply to all” before sending out the appeal letter. 


Q: Where can I obtain more information for secretarial documents and relevant deadlines?

A: You could check the C&S Secretary Handbook. Link:


Q: How may I contact the C&S Secretaries for further enquiries?

A: You may contact either one of the two secretaries of C&S at Alternatively, you may contact the secretaries via Whatsapp through the phone numbers below:

Eazean Sim: +60 19-654 7618

Rachel Ting: +60 11-2321 9636