Student Support

Where can I obtain more information about the counselling service?

How can I book an appointment?

It is advisable to make an appointment in advance, but in case of emergencies, an immediate appointment can be arranged.

I heard there is a MUM 24/7 Mental Health Hotline. Is that true?
Yes! For emotional or mental health emergencies, please call at
+603-29359013 (effective 1 November 2021).

Are there any self-help resources available?

Where can I find external counselling resources?

Counsellors (licensed and registered with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia and clinical psychologists (registered with Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychologists) are ready to help all MUM students experiencing difficulties, dilemmas and anxieties. The counselling service is free for all MUM students and the session with the counsellor is completely private & confidential.

International Student Support provides services that contribute to enriching your experience as Monash students. They are here to offer assistance throughout your university journey. Services available for international students include:

1. Pre-Arrival Orientation Webinar
2. International Student Information Session
3. General support and referral to university services
4. Accommodation information and advice
5. Programs and activities for international students
6. Student Advisory and Support for matters of concern and emergency incidents

For more information, please visit

For any inquiries, please email

Do you have a problem that requires the university’s attention? Do you feel you have been treated unfairly by an academic or professional staff member of Monash Malaysia?

Student Advisory and Support can help you on a wide range of matters, including advice on University policy and procedures, academic progress, disciplinary matters, lodgment of a complaint or grievance, as well as support at relevant proceedings.

If you experience, see or hear about behaviour that may be illegal, concerning or unacceptable, you can report it to them as well.

For more information, please visit

To contact SAS, please email

Disability Services provides special support for students who have a disability, medical or mental health condition. In order to get the support and advice, you must first register with Disability Services.

Alternative assessment arrangements (AAA) is a common service requested by students with a temporary or permanent disability. For more information about alternative assessment arrangements, please visit AAA, or contact Disability Services directly.

Malaysian citizens enrolled at Monash Malaysia are eligible for financial support from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). You may find out more about the application requirements and process here.

Common FAQs:
Where can I obtain more information about the disability support?

How can I register with the disability services?

I am a carer. Where can I find support and advice?

I have a disability/medical condition. How can I apply for alternative assessment arrangements?

Is there any financial support for disabled students?

How can I apply for disability parking?