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Monash University Student Association (MUSA) was officially launched on 25th January 2000. It is the student organisation, run and owned by students for the benefit of all Monash University Sunway Campus students. Governed by the Monash Student Council (MSC), MUSA serves as the recognized means of communication between students and the academic as well as the administrative authorities of the University.

Some of the MUSA’s many portfolio include: publishing student newsmagazines (MonGa) and other publications; interpreting the MUSA Constitution; and making recommendations to the appropriate bodies/departments of the University on the allocation of funds to MUSA of any expenses incurred in furthering MUSA’s objectives.

MUSA also cooperates with, and affiliates to, other person and bodies in pursuit of MUSA’s objectives. At the same time, MUSA defends the rights of any student in its capacity as an autonomous and self-governing organisation, as well as protects, promotes, and develops the interests and welfare of students.