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We’re here to make sure your campus life is fun and fulfilling. From clubs ranging from culture, social justice, sports and whatnot, we strive to enhance your student life.

Hello Fellow Monashians!

Hi! Are you looking to make new friends? Memories? Learn something new? Or even to enjoy the full university experience? Say less! We’re here to provide you with every opportunity to do so.

The C&S Division represents and manages all clubs and societies under Monash University Malaysia Campus. Here we celebrate uniqueness when it comes to the passion and interest of each and every single Monash University student by introducing different strengths of all kinds through engaging students in the annual sports tournament, namely the Monash Cup, consisting of 20+ games and sports.

Nonetheless, we hope you will enjoy your time here in Monash with us as we embark on yet another new chapter in this new semester. Thank you very much ;DD

Hope to see you around campus!!!

Best of luck,

Ethan & Thineth , Heads of C&S 2023.


General Information

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C&S Internal

If you’re a club/society member looking for information regarding internal processes, click on this button below! Note: Please acquire the password from your club/society executive committee

List of Clubs & Societies

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Office Bearers

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C&S Week

Our semesterly event where clubs and societies will showcase themselves

Monash Cup

The most anticipated event in Monash, learn more about our flagship event held annually!